Camping! ⛺

Be it Bay Dreams, Northern Bass, or any other event on our site, the process of getting your living arrangements all booked up is one and the same...

Camping is either:

• Selectable as an add-on AFTER selecting tickets on the event page, for new buyers.

• Selectable for existing ticket holders as an add-on at any point thereafter (subject to availability) on our website, from within the account that made for you at the time of purchase. They're not sold separately, so if you've been looking for them on the event page itself, look no longer.

Please log in on our website with the email address your tickets were sent to if you're an existing buyer; passwords can be reset from here if forgotten:

This also applies to those who've been issued complementary tickets. Camping is, like everything else, subject to availability: if you don't see it, it's most likely already sold out.

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