Rules of Conduct: ANTI-HARASSMENT


TwitchCon has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for harassment of any kind, including but not limited to:

Stalking, intimidation, offensive verbal comments, physical assault and/or battery, harassing or non-consensual photography or recording, sustained disruption of Panels, signings, and other events, bathroom policing, inappropriate physical contact and unwelcome physical attention.


This is in relation to, but not limited to:

Race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, age, body size, disability, appearance, religion, citizenship and pregnancy.

If a person engages in harassing behavior, TwitchCon Staff will take prompt action in any form they deem appropriate, including expulsion from TwitchCon with no refund. Our policy applies to EVERYONE at the convention.

Anyone can report harassment. If someones behavior has made you uncomfortable, or if you witness the same happening to someone else, you should immediately contact TwitchCon Staff, Security Team or a Crew Member. You may also come to TwitchCon's Show Office.

If necessary, we will contact local law enforcement, provide escort, offer a safe place or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to make sure they feel safe for the rest of TwitchCon.

Remember: Cosplay is not consent. When at TwitchCon, be respectful, be nice, be cool and be kind to each other.

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