I wish/need to sell my ticket(s), how do I do this?

Resales are enabled by the event's organisers. Typically they all have a sense of how things are to be managed for their event, so it's not a given that it'll always be an option. To be clear: not all events allow resales. But first let us say that all of the following must be undertaken from within your account  — created automatically at the time of purchase — on our website; no functionality exists to edit a ticket saved as an attachment in an email (and yes, people have actually tried/asked about that).

If you can see a 'Sell Ticket' button within their order, then secure resales within our system are active/available for that event. If not, but an 'Edit Ticket' button is visible within the order, the customer may in theory have the option of selling privately — please note however this is not something we would advise/encourage, nor oversee/play any part in, nor offer support for/answer questions about thereafter. Should neither of these options be present you're simply advised to check your account periodically for any changes.

If the 'Sell Ticket' option is visible, you thus potentially have two options when placing your ticket(s) up for sale. One is for your ticket(s) to be offered to a Waiting List, which is comprised of those unable to secure ticket(s) before they sold out. These tickets are offered to Waiting List customers on a first-come-first-served basis. Ticket Fairy automatically matches buyer and seller, according to their specific requests submitted when joining the Waiting List. If a ticket has not yet been sold, it means that there currently isn't a 'match', or all Waiting List customers have been served by other ticket holders who've also placed their ticket(s) for sale.

The other more common option is for you to make your ticket(s) available to a specific person or people; someone you know. You'll need just their name and email address(es); they don't need to have a TTF account of their own. Once you've done this, our system sends this person an email invitation to offer them your ticket(s), including info regarding the type of ticket, cost, and a time-window within which it'll be available to buy. If they go through with the purchase, your ticket(s) will be completely cancelled and invalidated (even if you'd already printed a copy), you’ll be refunded back to your original payment card, and a new ticket will be issued to the buyer in their name.

If you are considering selling your ticket(s), you are strongly advised to only do so via the official Ticket Fairy resale system. Ticket Fairy tickets are otherwise non-transferable and the purchaser could be denied entry to the event. Please also note that your ticket(s) may only be resold at the price paid and, depending on the event, you may also incur a resale or transfer fee. This fee, if applicable, cannot be passed on to the purchaser. Finally, ticket resales always include all relevant add-ons along with it; any/all such purchases will be sold as well in the same transaction, since they can't be separated.


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