There's no 'Edit'/'Sell' button for your ticket...

Not all events will have this function available to people, and those that do still might not have them available for the entire lead-up to the event. Both these functions are enabled by the event organisers, moreover; if you don't see one/either of this it's because the promoters don't currently want their ticket-holders to be able to do those things. We at TTF typically don't override whatever decision they've made regarding this — to simply be patient and check one's account occasionally is what we advise in these cases.

Promoters know people will always want/need to change names and resell tickets they can no longer use. They also know nobody gets to do these things unless they make it so. So if by the time event day comes names still can't be changed or tickets re-sold, it's not unrealistic to take that to mean names on tickets won't be checked before entering, since if they ARE to be checked that's potentially going to cause some headache/upset if nobody was able to prepare for this ahead of time.

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